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tv   Headline News  RT  July 3, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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care only dot com. the. most. devastated small village in eastern ukraine our correspondent reports from the scene just hours after the deadly attack. kramatorsk residential areas are subjected to heavy artillery fire overnight with reports of more civilian deaths and injuries plus. this this is shall allow. one country. the creation of an islamic caliphate moves closer to becoming a reality. seize
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a key town on the iraqi syrian border expanding their control in the region even further than we travel to the cities overrun by extremists and. jerusalem witnesses its biggest clashes in years triggered by the killing of a seventeen year old palestinian becomes israeli as the israeli air force launches strikes on gaza and vows to avenge the deaths of three jewish teenage. could even this is are to international law and first this hour video footage of merged of the devastation strikes on a village in east ukraine where at least seven people including a five year old child were killed it's feared that the number of casualties will rice. and managed to get to the village right after that attack some of the
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pictures you're about to see are upsetting. as we arrive in conditional a village twenty five kilometers from the grounds houses are still burning. at least five aerial bombs were dropped here disjoin an entire street and killing several people managed to my own bill. browder corner unit but when you have that alexander invites us to follow him. his backyard has become a hamlet field joe you're going to go out on it was it wasn't as if yeah i thought that's a good idea that there are big shots. just next door and other human tragedy a sort of part of nowhere movement that leaves all of us and they were glued gordon a couple running away to give moyes a waterfall you want to run for me as much of the zone that it's
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a get get you both countries family was fortunately not at home at the time of the shelling. he says it would have killed them. good do it think thank you to crane's air force and just hours ago to see spy andy and he agrees you could cause it's empty terribly aeration in eastern ukraine and you did it in your book and they didn't need to do what but it was. the cause of that stood in the point of close at war it was killing you it kills the would choose to be with you or did you think it was your reason e.g. when you deal him with the need she would need to do it with a did a good neighbor a good good good bloke in fact trained military pilot told us why he thinks the village was targeted. oh there were a seven year old will go to the grocery store day yes or no you want to go there won't be a circle dozers of the board members going to you for no other you weren't always
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door in the delivery or more should be nurturing believe the floor is possible as it's a good. this night suddenly we hear the sound of shells exploding you know my point of view of when we're going to shoot but here now our gary but god knows so we have to run now that miracle about ok good to hear that. we're doing well enough that. they say that. their. subject those forces base is nearby don't get me or kilometers away here here. on our way back we still buy a local hospital a day before the local power station was heat in another shelling since then there has been new running water and no electricity. late. sitting in the city. shadows it will be to somebody with whom you will see it.
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but you knew what you will find alexander's father him on the injured he says he sees no point in leaving no one out that his wife's gone on her will. the thought of a moment i don't know but what you know no matter who you are going to worry about her it's getting dark and doctors tell us we'd better hurry up we come back to lugansk. it's the last breach before the city and there was sign of it out of the minds is that true. why is that. the enemy cannot get through the bridge and it was a checkpoint. is this up to fly. with our driver told us that this is the last checkpoint. static it was a shock of you know which they were somebody to help and they say they are surprised why was a little village was told about it sings in the czech born nearest born these
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template it seems that no one has an answer for this question. in eastern ukraine. to solution when really actions of ukraine's military has reached the country's parliament this is how a lawmaker interrupted president petro poroshenko is he was praising the armed forces i mean. even me affected shabbir matter what i'm going to show. was. even near him in their desire to mo i don't believe people predicted nationality. moscow's demanding the care stop targeting civilians the statement comes hot on the heels of that peace road map hashed out in berlin by russian german french and ukrainian foreign ministers it also calls for a cease fire meantime kids from stepping up its assault on anti-government forces
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across the rest of region a t.v. crew from russia's first channel got caught up in artillery fire in the city of slovyansk. yes this is the video which the journalist managed to film to not attack the crew came under fire while they were trying to drive away from the hotel they've been staying in shape. really the media beautiful slovyansk. and these pictures are from the village of nick live just outside which was subjected to heavy shelling to as you can see residential buildings badly damaged there at least four people were killed and ten were injured locals say that a school there was hit in the shelling to similar images to from nearby kramatorsk who came under heavy artillery fire overnight local media reports several deaths and injuries there the attack comes of the president because pledge on monday not
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to target residential areas and despite the mounting video evidence of devastation the u.s. state department says kiev is taking measured steps here to maintain order martin cif a columnist for the post examiner online newspaper told me he believes such a stance is hypocritical in terms of what the state department spokeswoman said well i don't think she has ever been on the receiving end of a multiple rocket launcher bombardment if she was somehow i doubt she would call it measure it the idea that the united states would support forces using heavy artillery and aircraft in the heart of ukraine an eastern ukrainian an area which has been an independent peaceful democratic country until the violent coupe of february this year this is a terribly reckless irresponsible american policy it's also an immoral policy and it's an unprecedented policy for the first times since the end of world war two the united states is supporting
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a government in europe using lethal force to repress its own people. crane's new defense minister east's tried to sign this swearing in documents using a cat pen is a picture quickly made of the social media the photographer mocking the politician for being so fierce you can apparently making through the. head to r.t. dot com for more details and the rest of our in-depth coverage of the crisis chronicled from day one. rebel factions in eastern syria pledging allegiance to the islamic extremist group known as isis the group undertook a lightning offensive last month also capturing huge swathes of neighboring iraq too and with the border in their hands and surgeons say their aim is to restore an islamic caliphate the fear is they could gain even more ground just map your bed to see helps us get a better understanding of what we're talking about here the new declared caliphate
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is this area coming up in black a vast territory straddling the border between syria and iraq isis captured this land using fighters who easily cross the borders of both countries to fight iraqi insists it can defeat isis and reclaim its territory back but next as lucy calf explains that could prove tough. moment fighters proudly show off the spoils of war military hardware much of it american made seized from the battlefield in neighboring iraq due harvests formally known as isis this week declared the completion of their islamic state this that opposition but now it's all dora one country is no more a house. the iraqi army meanwhile is fighting back in televised news briefings the government takes a victorious tone you know what it is going from the information that the isis
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leaders have started to fleet but on the ground we found little evidence to back up those claims this used to be a territory controlled by the central government but the iraqi army fled this area the same day that the city of mosul was captured by isis millions of dollars of u.s. made equipment abandoned uniforms shed in haste. now this looks like a hat a breakout from the special forces iraqi special forces this is obviously a vest that they discarded left behind they dressed in civilian clothes ran away essentially abandoned their posts and that's how in part isis has been able to see it so much territory so quickly the fighting has displaced hundreds of thousands of iraqis that many are scarred by the two thousand and three invasion and describe a sense of deja vu with the current crisis again from two thousand and three it's
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coming back so it's a disaster actually things are getting worse one to two hundred stand first hand how this war was playing out we're on our way right now to one of the front lines the villages. up until about five days ago when i see surges can be controlled by the entire territory village that's on a strategic road from mosul the next several of the provinces so they really want to access to a benchmark lost soldiers have been able to clear bits of it but they're still clashes ongoing and that's what we're having right now. at the base commanders take us to an outpost overlooking an area controlled by militants this is the very first offensive position against the isis militants just two kilometers that way every single day there's been sniper fire attempts by the jihad is to enter this territory if they can push through the defensive position that they would potentially take your coop and move into the territories and that could be a massive battle just waiting to happen moments later we have to leave and we just got word that the just might be moving forward so all the soldiers have been told
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to evacuate this area we're going to get out before things get intense we know that there was clashes last night and we don't we don't want to be here if that happens again it was apparent just how fluid a conflicts this was the front lines change daily and no matter what military gains each day he may bring if the iraqi civilians who lose as the war rages on to see catherine opar on t.v. kuku province iraq. coming up in the program still no place to hide find out how the n.s.a. tracks the internet users are going to great lengths to try to stay anonymous extremists and. israeli army is beefing up its forces on the girls a frontier to defend against palestinian cross border rockets elbow's the i.d.f. says two dozen projectiles were fired from the region on thursday because no casualties retaliatory israeli airstrikes on gaza though did injure more than ten
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palestinians is what happens when israel hits but these pictures are from artie's. video agency. city police say israeli rockets landed the military bombardments the latest phase of an escalating situation. in jerusalem it was a suspected revenge killing for the murders of three jewish teenagers which israel blames on hamas. israeli police clashed with angry crowds demanding justice for the murdered palestinian boy and his funerals been delayed reportedly because of fears that the trigger move.
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the following is a severe thunderstorm watch announcement from the national weather service the national weather service has issued severe thunderstorm watch number three hundred ninety one effective until ten pm this watch includes the following counties in delaware kent and newcastle and cecil maryland in the following counties in new jersey burlington capitan cumberland gloucester hundred in missouri mind weapon salem in the following counties in pennsylvania bronx box chester delaware montgomery in philadelphia and delaware bay waters north of east point new jersey just like a beach delaware remember a severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather including large hail and damaging winds and close to the rush area while severe weather may not be imminent present should remain alert for rapidly changing weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible
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warnings stay tuned to no weather radio commercial radio and television outlets or internet sources for the latest severe weather information repeating severe thunderstorm watch number three hundred ninety one has been issued from two fifteen pm until ten pm for the following counties in delaware kent and newcastle and cecil maryland in the following counties in new jersey burlington capitan cumberland gloucester hundred and missouri mind weapon salem in the following counties in pennsylvania x. box chester delaware montgomery in philadelphia and delaware bay waters north of east point new jersey just like a beach delaware. or arrested yes that is far from being disproportional people were arrested for the investigation many of them are and will be released there has been no military action no attack we were under extreme needs to find the bodies of the quarries the entire nation
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was united in their desire to bring back the boy's people around the world friends of israel and the jewish people rallied to ask to bring back the boys and the government did what it had to do to get them out also noted for the to find their whereabouts but also no definitive proof of who killed these three teenagers either or something not been made public. there is absolute definitive proof it's been made public the names of the perpetrators have been made public these are hamas activists from the braun we even hear them on the call that has been made to the police station proudly saying that they caught three teenagers we have all the mobile data everything has been made public i know that people want to deny it people do not want to recognize the brutality of such a crime but we need no i don't have any who disagree for
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a minute it's our renders crime but the question from this end is why arrest hundreds of people when you say you know you're only after a couple of men here. because we need to find them they are not operating alone we know from phone calls that they made that they were telling their operators that they brought three young boys we know they had help in burying the bodies so we know that they're part of a far wider organisation the father of the perpetrator even said that he would be proud if he son were indeed the murderer that gives you a sense of the support structure and the support ideology under which they are working so hard it is you need to arrest people in order to get the intelligence meantime i wonder who is responsible for the death of the palestinian boy.
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this is obviously a heinous and terrible crime that has been condemned in no uncertain words by the prime minister the israeli police is investigating intuited acted quickly to find the body to find the means and what was the motivation there's no doubt that right now emotions are raw there are extremists who are looking for the slightest excuse to explode the entire area and again the israeli government and the people of israel are urging calm are urging or you will be fine seems that certainly the moderate forces. absolutely there is no doubt that this will happen the police are there are on it and this is a clear demand from both the israeli and palestinian public to find the killers as well as to find the killers of the three boys who continue to hide and to have
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support for their hiding among their families among their organization among their supporters and they have an ideology that. that is something he said dr a final thought from you well we've got you on the line how difficult my what what future of the peace talks in just thirty seconds if you can for me push the time i'd like together from you i don't know if we can have peace in the grand sense we thought of it in ninety's where the arab world will truly respect the rights of the jewish people to self-determination in their midst but perhaps we can find ways to live calmly without violence next to each other we have a mutual interest in making sure that the brutality that we see today in the middle east does not enter our territory and it will former israeli public thank you for your time and we're going to international thank you for being with us as well we're heading to a short break more news for sure. i
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marinate join me. in part and. carry contribute and much much. only on bombast and. speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. stories. here. the spanish find out more visit.
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well again it's never been easy to stay private online but one of the few ways is through using so-called anonymity networks such as tall edward snowden indeed used to send his revelations to newspapers last summer but it's now suggested that the n.s.a. is tracking all german users of toll branding them as extremists. peter all of these in berlin but these latest revelations. well it is quite alarming the people that are using this software this network doing so to avoid being tracked what
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they're doing online and now what has emerged is that the n.s.a. has the ability to track just who logs on to the servers now this comes after it emerged in a line of code from the the infamous x. keyscore system that's what the n.s.a. used in order to monitor what people are doing online now what this code revealed is that they have essentially a tap into two servers here in germany anybody that goes on there well they get put into a database and are labeled as extremists now it's estimated that tens of thousands of people will of hunt them selves on that database remember this is a network that was initially created to help. people in in countries where the internet is is repressed it was initially funded by the united states government may still provide some of the cash towards it the tour system itself seems to be remaining intact those that log on to it though can now be
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tracked and they can find out who you are it's big story this whole thing in germany right now isn't it it went all the way to angela merkel even her emotion being tapped the moment two foreign n.s.a. employees have been testifying before a german parliamentary committee what do you know about how that's going on what was said of the two former senior n.s.a. officers william binney and thomas drake mist of binny has just finished his testimony a very long testimony there indeed what he revealed is that yes the n.s.a. gave the technology to the germans that would allow concentrated surveillance c. doesn't know whether the germans implemented that though he said that it would be impossible for anybody to detect if they were. being snooped on online by the n.s.a. he also said that the united states and the n.s.a. needed to create a a moral standards
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a moral standard in what information they are snooping into said that current legislation just doesn't do that we're waiting to see what more comes out of this ongoing committee hearing to try and find out just the sheer scale and scope of the n.s.a. spying here in germany our correspondent in berlin it was edward snowden did he reveal how internet giants such as facebook you who google shared information on the users with the n.s.a. but some companies refused to cooperate with government requests and kept the customer's data private we talked to the owner of one such company but attempts to reform the agency. we've seen for the revelations that they're literally spying on every country that they can with the exception of for. in my opinion the n.s.a. as a grew up the agency if i as an individual had undertaken the same actions i would be thrown into prison for thirty years any attempt to reform in my opinion is like bailing out the ship that's already sunk there have been two attempts by the u.s.
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congress to try and defund the n.s.a. both which of failed my opinion is the u.s. congress is more interested in being paranoid and aggressive than taking care of americans need so i don't have a lot of optimism that much is going to change at all. the n.s.a. is destroyed and shut down completely bass surveillance is not covered by the fourth amendment of the constitution you have to have a specific warrant against a specific cause. and it does it's just not supported so it's encouraging to see the supreme court holding up the fourth amendment but we need to see a lot more cases come forward before the n.s.a. start to see any real impact on that. series. of killed at least two people a day. since the military coup that led to some of the country's worst bloodshed in decades ahead of the anniversary supporters of the former leadership called for a day of rage but today police took care of anyone attempting to protest against the general to president. of the two hundred people were arrested. it has got
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a long history of military leaders of course morsi is predecessor hosni mubarak was an air marshal he ruled the country for three decades after the country's arab spring mohamed morsy was then elected he wasn't a military man but the revolutions hopes of democracy were quickly dashed by that military coup so once again a former army chief is in charge this time fattah el-sisi so the revolution as we can see has gone a full circle all our news fingertips twenty four seven at r.t. dot com thanks for being with us after the break another behind the scenes look at how we deliver the news to you in the latest episode of news team. yes it's official the mainstream media must be made up of stereotypical gossipy
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teenage girls i mean how else can you explain the fact that michelle obama using the term chipped has become a scandal i don't white house summit on working families mrs obama explained that when she was working part time she realized she was getting chipped because she was actually king full time but only getting paid the part time salary technically the term gypped is somewhat racist and implies the gypsies are all con men but in the modern world i think most people don't even know where the term comes from i doubt michelle obama likes a medieval peasant shield her children from wandering gypsies who could give them the evil eye i seriously question that there is any deep racial intent in the statement i personally would let the first lady off the hook but the question is would she do the same for me or any other person in the media probably not but thankfully for mrs obama she can't be fired from being the first lady only divorced or her husband's term ends now for me and every other person saying their opinion on camera we've got to be a lot more careful but that's just my opinion. i. do
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believe that people in ukraine should have been. given an opportunity to vote to have a background on whether or not they want to sign this agreement michel a number one i mean looking to the post public opinion poll i don't think really that is said to divisive as you say my number two. i'm not against her friend and particularly where of super a friend whom if you sort of cost part of use who are in it to see you situations. let's say and in brussels and i think it is up to the people to decide.